What is BNI?

BNI is the world’s largest referral network with over 7000 chapters in 60+

Here in northeast OH we have over 50 chapters.

Each chapter allows one person per profession into their group. Once you’re in, you lock out your competitors. Each meeting is focused on how the members can find business for each other. Meetings are very structured to ensure that the focus stays on the members needs.

If you’d like to visit a chapter in your area click here.

Or if your category isn’t open in near you, and you’d like information on starting your own group, please contact me or one of our other directors. You can also click here to see if there are any groups forming in your area.

BNI members, here are some videos that may help you grow your business and chapter.

Setting The Expectations For Building a 50 Member Chapter

The BNI Makeover

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How to Start a Successful BNI Chapter

2 Tips On Growing Your Chapter

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