Private Coaching

What’s holding you back from the success you want to achieve?

For some it’s too many distractions. For others it’s wearing too many hats & being spread too thin. And for some it’s just a matter of being held accountable to ensure results are met.

Whether it’s focus, accountability, or improving skills such as sales, marketing, or leadership, I can probably help. And if I cannot, I will connect you to another qualified coach or trainer in my network that can help you.

My own areas of expertise is sales coaching, keeping clients focused through accountability, & assisting them in identifying who their referral sources are. Then helping create referral-passing relationships between them.

“Tony flew to Southern CA to support and train my group first hand with invaluable lessons on how to succeed in a large trade show environment. He made all the difference with his positive – inspirational advice, leadership, and the best marketing tools for the show to maximize our business growth.”
-Jessica Ortega, Manager for Professional Plastics
So. CA Admin/Ops (Fullerton/Chino/Santa Ana)
Diamond Bar, CA


Need to motivate your team?

My most popular classes and topics include:

  • General Motivation
  • Referral Workshop (identifying your referral partners & how to work with them)
  • Networking Skills – the basics (you’re a billboard for your company)
  • Inviting & recruiting tactics
  • Hardwiring Habits
  • Relationship building / How to deal with people

If there’s something specific you’re looking for, let me know.

“WOW this man’s energy will IGNITE ANY ROOM HE ENTERS!!! Anthony J Stastny is a PROVEN Accountability Coach and a BNI Area Director. If motivating your self or your team is something you or your business needs, Anthony is the man you want!!!!”
-Sean McCarthy